Year after year, we see trends come and go. From color schemes and bridal bouquets to dress styles and reception food, there’s a new craze each year to inspire couples on their wedding day. In today’s culture there is certainly no shortage...  Read More

By Charlyne Camayang


Packing light has never been easier. With the growing trend of nude travel, bringing in more than $4.3 billion annually1, the tourism industry is responding with more hotels and resorts offering the option of nude beaches...  Read More

By Alyson Bruce


Don’t let an upcoming vacation set you back on your healthy eating and workout regimen! Stay on track with these 5 well-tested tips while vacationing at Royalton Luxury Resorts.

Below I have listed ways to be proactive...  Read More

By Belinda Kiriakou (Blue Diamond Resorts, Corporate Sport & Fitness Manager)


With its lush forests, sprawling beaches, friendly wildlife, amazing local cuisine and stunning accommodations, I was consumed by the sprawling beauty of Costa Rica on my recent visit to the Guanacaste province and Papagayo Peninsula....  Read More

By Alyson Bruce